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"Light Up a Room With My Photography"

Photo Orders

I photograph with the best gear so the photos I produce are the highest possible quality.


Despite website resolution, every single one of my photos is sharp & detailed enough to be printed any size needed.

Safe & Secure


Choose Your Print Surface

Metal Photo Prints 

A new art medium for preserving photos by infusing dyes directly into specially coated aluminum sheets which gives a very durable, protective coating & images take on a magical luminescence.


You've never seen a more brilliant and impressive print! Colors are vibrant and the luminescence is breathtaking. Detail and resolution are unsurpassed. High Gloss, Satin Gloss or Matte are offered.


Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger 



Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger 



Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger



Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger



Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger



Gallery Aluminum Print on Metal Frame Hanger


Thank You Very Much! 

I Appreciate Your Patronage.

The life span of the prints depends very much on environment conditions, temperature & amount of sunlight where the photos are displayed or stored. Inspect every print when it first arrives for defects.

Display where sun rays never touch the photos, for a long life span display in a room that gets no direct sunlight & has no big temperature changes. Keep photo prints in a frame (Ideally placed behind UV glass & sealed by a frame shop, required for warranty) or if storing use a black archival box. 

Even metal prints can degrade from huge temperature changes. Keep metal photo prints out of the sun & clean from dust or moisture build up, never use detergent cleaners.

(Metal Prints can be cleaned, lightly use a micro fiber cloth damp with pure water, NO cotton or tap water. Water minerals & rough fibers scratch the photo surface.)

Humidity severely degrades the life span of both paper & metal prints. Photo life spans are not guarantee in places with high humidity. In high humid areas have your photo print professionally framed & sealed or consider instead ordering an Acrylic or Canvas print, they tend to hold up better being exposed humidity. Many hotel & vacation rentals use them for that reason.

**To prevent any color fading all archival steps must be taken.**


30 Days return for any errors in printing. 5 year guarantee applies to photo color defects ONLY cause by improper printing. NOT environmental exposure or abuse. Replacement inquiries will be fulfilled on a case-by-case basis. Original photo prints must be in a frame or archival box to qualify & metal prints must not show any abuse or surface damage. Sun damage is NOT covered by the warranty. I have been a professional printer for nearly ten years & I know the difference between mistreatment & a failed print job. Photo evidence of defects and/or return of original print maybe be required for a replacement.

In the event of a replacement one will be shipped at no additional cost. Please carefully check prints before framing for any discoloration or defects. Not responsible for any abuse or defects that may occur during framing or mounting. 

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