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Wailuku River Photo Shoot

I live in Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii. One of my favorite areas on the island is known as "Boiling Pots"

I had an idea for a great model photo shoot & I was going over to scout the area to make sure it would work. I dont want to drag a model into the jungle & have the shot not work. If you wanna know how that model shoot went look at my article "Photoshoot with Evelyn"

After I was happy with scouting I decided to take some time & shoot some personal work of the river. I had recently purchased a Lee Filters Big Stopper which I wanted to try out with the river.

The Lee Filters Big Stopper makes long exposures possible in very bright situations. Click the link below to learn more about the filters. I highly recommend them.

Wailuku River Hidden Waterfall Mason Lake Photography

This photo is called "Wailuku River Hidden Waterfall"

Shot with the Canon 5D Mark IV & EF 16-35mm 2.8L III USM

26mm, 10 sec shutter speed, f/10, 400ISO

The waterfall is small & tucked away near the edge of one of the fresh water pools, one that people go cliff jumping into all the time.

I had to carefully climb down the rocks & wade in the river water up to my waist to get to a stable place to put the tripod & set the shot up. All with now protection for my gear so a wrong slip my whole setup goes for a dunk.

The real trick however was getting the tripod to not move for 10 secs with water all around me. After fiddling with tripod placement for almost ten mins I got the bugger level.

I am very happy with how this shot came out.

I did a monochrome version of this & it won an honorable mention

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