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“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

– Ansel Adams

"There is beauty and humility in imperfection."

-Guillermo del Toro

My passion in life is capturing it for others to see through my eyes. Nothing inspires & energizes me more than the inspiration to create stunning work that catches the eyes of viewers. It is what drives me to capture the experience of an event, message of a commercial brand, the beauty of a model or discover new breathtaking scenes from around our planet.

Film & Photography let me speak my artistic voice clearly & creatively. The way I see light is what defines my style. I like the mental & visual process of working out a shot, then seeing it come together through the camera lens. I aim to capture that perfect moment, whether it is a studio set or watching lava crashing into ocean waves.


The best is what I always strive for & I settle for nothing less with my work. I strive for, clean & eye catching media. The creativity & energy to make those images come to life never gets old for me. I live for it.  I look forward to the next project to work on for clients or new places to travel.  


I have been a photographer for more than 15 years. I was very lucky to find my passion early in life, as well as have my families full encouragement & support.


Since attending Arts & Communication Magnet Academy; a public art school, I knew I wanted to make photography my career anyway possible. After learning the fundamentals of light I took that knowledge & I applied it to teaching myself & discovering with time my own process of planning, composing, capturing &

processing a photo.


My first job was at a local camera company, The Shutterbug. 7 years of working in the photo industry selling camera equipment & talking with professionals taught me a vast amount of my photography knowledge. I became the assistant manager of their flag ship store as well as the large format printer operator, handled camera trade-ins, processing machine maintenance & I started a side camera repair biz for a couple years. 

In 2011 my mother passed away from a very aggressive cancer. She had been such a part of my life that it hit me very hard. It took almost a year for me to pick my camera back up. After going through that hardship I needed help jump starting my photography.

I renewed my passion when I partnered up with a couple photographers & opened a Co-op gallery on Alberta Street in Portland, OR. Thanks to the art walk that was every last Thursday we were very successful. However we only kept the gallery open for about a year. A friend who had recently moved to Hawaii mentioned he could get me a steady photo job out there. I felt like it would be a great chance for my photography & for healing.

I moved to Hawaii in 2013 for the opportunity to work out there shooting freelance. I moved to the Big Island living on the Kona side. I did a lot of learning & growing out there. I also shot some of my best work & I learned a whole set of new skills that truly brought the quality of my photography to the next level.

I decided to move back to Portland, Oregon after I had been in Hawaii for over 4 years. I wanted to do more then island photography. However I was happy & thankful for the time I spent there.


Over 15 years of photography nothing has turned me away from still doing my passion & I dont intend on ever stopping. I continue to embrace photography with my full determination & effort. I never stop pushing myself to grow & learn more ways to perfect my craft. The joy I get from lighting peoples faces up with the their aw at the sights I find truly make all the work worth it.   


Shot Freelance Work For

-Anelakai Adventures

-Craft Brew Alliance

-Dress For Success Portland

-Kona Brewing Co.

-Kona Brewers Festival

-Fairmont Orchid Resort

-Hearts and Stars Salon

-Mauna Lani Resort

-Merz Pharmaceutical

-Paul Mitchell


-The Private Client Reserve

-Taco Bell

-US Bank

-Waikaloa Beach Marriott Resort


Past Job Titles

Kona Brewfest Media Photographer

Kona Brewing Co Photographer


Pacific Dream Photography

Professional Photo Experiences

Blinnk Photography Portraits

Photo Gallery Owner & Operator

The Shutterbug Camera Stores

-Assistant Manager

-Sales Person


Digital Print Lab Operator &

Pro Wide Format Photo Printing




Kona Brewers Festival

National Geographic

Blank Gallery Wall

Herald Sun


The Atlantic

The Mercury


London School of Photography

The Washington Post



Yourshot National Geographic

Cultural Center of Cape Cod



2018 ND Awards Honorable Mention.

2018 Lee Filters Featured Photo


2018 ND Awards Honorable Mention.

2017 International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention



2016 Blank Wall Gallery Landscape Exhibit in Athens, Greece.

2016 National Geographic Nature Photographer of the Year Finalist.

2016 ND Awards Honorable Mention.


2016 International Photography Awards

Honorable Mention 


2015 ND Awards 2nd Place Architecture-Industrial​


2016 US Landscape Photographer of the Year Finalist

2016 ND Awards Honorable Mention​


2017 Black Box Gallery Dynamic Landscape Exhibit

2015 Travel Photographer of the Year UK Finalist



Shoot the Frame Finalist 

Published in 2015 Shoot the Frame Book



Shoot the Frame Finalist 

Published in 2015 Shoot the Frame Book


2017 Cultural Center of Cape Cod "Set in Motion" 

2016 HIPA International Photo Awards Finalist

2015 Published in NatGeo YourShot Web Article

2015 ND Awards Honorable Mention​


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