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Travel Photographer of the Year (UK) selects "Glowing Kilauea" as finalist.

Travel Photographer of the Year (UK) selected my photo "Glowing Kilauea" as a finalist in the profession photographer category "Colours of the World." (British spelling) My 5th photo this year that won a nomination. 2015 is my first year I entered professional photography categories. I carpet bombed every contest I could find haha! It's very encouraging for my first big effort.

Its amazing how much time it takes submitting to multible contests. Each contest requires different files specs, size and information including profile introduction and sometimes questions. But it only takes time and it was all worth it to see my photos get some more recognition.

I truly feel joy when my photos are being viewed and loved. My photos are what deserve the recognition. I only ask for the credit, fame and fortune haha! That will be the day.

Have a Happy New Year and thanks for reading.

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