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Off on a 3 Week Europe Trip!

I am off on a 3 week long Europe trip! I am going to see Amsterdam, Belgium, England, & Normandy France. I cant wait to see the major sites that I have planned. Stonehenge, Dover Castle, Mont Saint Michel, WWII areas & so much more! I will have a bunch of travel articles from this trip.

I decided to rent a car to have more freedom, rented for Sixt car rentals. Going to be a ton of driving but it will be worth it. Riding the train is not that cheap if you are visiting & the stops are limited to the major cities or large towns.

Here is the map of my driving itinerary. Gonna be close to 2000km, probably more. But i am stopping in between areas so I don't have to drive longer the 2.5 hours.

The reason I chose to double back to Amsterdam is because Portland Oregon's Airport (PDX) has a direct flight option that is WAY more cheap then buying through flight search engines online.

The flight is with Delta & their Business class (They call it Comfort+) was only $1300 for round trip. Considering Couch was $700-$800 I figure it was worth the better seat & free food & movies.

My trip will take me to Amsterdam then Bruges, hop across the channel from Dunkirk to Dover. Dover to Brighton then to a hamlet near Ramsbury. Down to Portsmouth to hop back across the channel just east of Mont Saint Michel at St. Lo. Over to Mont Saint Michel then up through WWII Normandy stopping at Caen. Then I leap frog back to Belgium to see Brussels.

I stop in Amien & Rouen before settling into Brussels, after that back to Amsterdam then Home.

21 FULL days there is gonna be a lot, but I prefer that when I go traveling for photos. I feel you really only need a few days in one spot.

Wish me luck on the trip. I cant wait to share my photos with you.

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