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Ayutthaya Sukhothai Historical Park

This is a map of Sukhothai Historical Park.

Founded in 1350 Ayutthaya was once the capital of Thailand, in the day in he country was known as Siam. Until the 18th century when the Burmese army destroyed the city in a very vindictive way, they raised the city to the ground almost.

Ayutthaya was my first stop when I visited Thailand. I really wanted to see the ancient remains of the capital. Little models show how magnificent the city use to look. There was much more but I took photos with my pro camera so I'll tell more when I upload the pics. I shot over 1000 there. The tree Buddha was really cool, I also had a killer Thai lunch for less then $2!

The way I got there was by hiring a private driver. I didnt want to deal with the hassle of transit. Amazingly it was very affordable. I had a driver take me there and back. It cost me only $80 to have him drive me 4 hours round trip to Ayutthaya & stand around waiting for me to finish, he waited for 6 hours. The best part is he did the drive both ways 20 mins faster then Google estimated haha. The drives have a lead foot in Thailand for sure, however during my travels I never

saw any signs of traffic enforcement.

This is way i hired drivers to take me everywhere, its very cheap & no fear of dealing with the traffic. Which is AWFUL in all the cities.

Anyway here are some of my photo from the historic park.

The Famous Buddha head that has been enveloped by a tree in the Ayutthaya Historic Park.

The Burmese army went out of their way to behead every Buddha statue as a greater insult to the Siam people.

A restored Buddha statue. If you look at the seam around the statues neck you can see where they had to re pour the cement to form the head.

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