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Bangkok First Impressions

After a arriving to BKK I had a driver take to my hotel. As he was flying by like a bat out of hell weaving in and out of lanes I got to see a little glimpse of the city. The clash of many periods of construction and development is fascinating, not that America doesn't have that. But here you have gorgeous buildings right next to buildings that are about to collapse from the look. I also love how every power pole here has two stories of a tangled mess of wires. After a great sleep and a free breakfast that almost put me in a coma I went out to explore Sukhumvit road.

So many knick-knack shops on the street, ranging from sun glasses, muai Thai boxer to dildos. Every tailor shop and taxi is trying the hard sale. I had to yank my hand out of a guys hand I shook cuz he wouldn't let go as he was pitching to me. I just smile, node and say thank you. I feel bad shutting them down but you gotta it seems here. 711 stores all over, all with items I've never seen before. (There was a tailor shop called "The Bond 007" no kidding. I sorta wanna get some slacks there. Maybe they will inflate or make me fly.

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