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Khao Lak

Went to Khao Lak to go SCUBA the Richelieu Rock but a typhoon in the ocean ended that dream fast. It rained the whole time so not to many pics. I shot this out of my rooms window of the traditional style roofing. So now I had 2 free days now of room service, massages & photo editing. Not a bad trade, really I hadnt rested yet in my trip. Honestly though I would take swimming with a whale shark over that any day. So I checked the town out.

Khao Lak is pretty much a couples and family town near the coast. Funny enough they are all from Europe almost. I've only been hearing Germany, french, Italian and Norwegian. Some stores and restaurants even have signs in those languages instead of English. Germans are the main tourist I've noticed but there are plenty of pasta restaurants to suggest Italians come often as well. Also not to be snide but they seem a little clueless on customs. Many walking into restaurants with no shirt or a speedo on. Also places where you clearly take your shoes off I've seen many who didnt. So I guess Americans aren't the only annoying tourists lol. Im sure Thai people don't really care here as long as the tourists have money like here in Hawaii, at the end of the day it is your living to make money off these people so why bother bringing it up.

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