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Ops! Read Contest Rules & Obey the Rules

Just a reminder. I submitted my photo "Tempest Spiral" to an international photo contest by HIPA. I received an email saying my photo had reached the final round of judging and they needed my info and photo details.

I mistakenly did not read all the rules before hand. They dont allow any photo manipulation. While the light painting aspect of the photo was truthfully captured in camera, I had to clean up the back ground and remove a few elements.

Even if it is to improve the image it is still alteration and a lot of contests dont allow that.

A few have had no problem with it. Which is why it was been nominated a few times. Most tourist photo contests want the image captured in camera and lightly edited.

When entering contests keep that in mind and remember you editing process.

I edited this photo 4 years ago and I forgot I removed 2 distant lights that were reflecting on the water.

Never lie to a photo contest! If you get caught the contest announces it, takes your award then your credibility and name gets trashed. Also some contests will come after you legally for for compensation for their time and efforts. Word travels fast online if a contest winner is a fake. Nikon just recently had to announce a fraud photo that won their latest photo contest. Click the photo below to follow the link.

Clearly Photoshoped airplane. You could never get this shot unless you knew all air traffic control paths, which I believe most countries keep classified.

So read the rules to make sure your photos actually make it to the judge & not trashed automatically cause it doesn't meet the criteria. Which most do. I have worked for a couple contests taking entries & they dont have time to sorta through the ones that dont meet the specs. In general it is view also that if you cant read the rules them you cant play.

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