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Patong First Impression

So far I kinda like the crazy of Patong more then Bangkok. It's definitely busy, Honolulu busy and it is a tourist trap this time of year unfortunately. Twice the price on almost everything far as souvenirs and restaurants. Still cheap compared to the US but not for Thailand.

At least it's all good food. LOTS of people this time of year, it's sorta fun to me to walk around and see all the different people and store rackets. Alot of hard selling happening on the street. Sort of annoying but it's that way everywhere it seems here. Alot of random activities. Mini golf, learn to surf on land in a wave machine, airsoft target ranges and normal gun ranges, trucks with speakers announcing events at night, WAY to many Europeans in speedos and every beach activity.

A zillion bars all serving the same beer, why I hit the brewery in town for a change. Tons of shopping and knock off everything. Essentially down one block is a few bars, 3 souvenir shops, 5 massage parlors and 200 custom suit tailor shops haha. This is my first impression, I'll post more once I've settled in. I'm just cruising wait for my hotel room to be ready.

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