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Beach Photo Shoot with Rachel

Photo shoot from the other week. She is a new model I've work with, name is Rachel. 20 year old island girl. Had the shoot at Old Airport Beach in Kailua-Kona on the Big Island of Hawaii.

I use to meet most of my models on the island. Best way to meet new model pros I have found. We all had our own late nights the day before so we decided to meet later in the morning, I knew ahead of time the lighting would be a challenge, but that pushes me to grow more so I did my best.

Tricky thing about photographing on the west side of Big Island is that if you want the ocean in the background the sun shines directly into your models eyes until sunset ALWAYS. (Unless lucky sun break through clouds) So getting nice soft skin in the photo that is not blown out by the sun becomes tricky to achieve.

Luckily I had just received in the mail what they call a Scrim Jim. Simply, A big White square that blocks light. So that saved the shoot mostly, light was still more harsh then I hoped, but without the Scrim Jim it would have been a waste. with help from her bf holding the JIm I was able to get some great shots considering the conditions, helps to have lovely models & scenery together.

Again simply put I need a darker Scrim Jim to help with the light, for my first shoot in a long time at late morning I think I did pretty well lol. Always room for improvement however.

I will have a full article & video showing the Scrim Jim, its parts & setup here shortly on my blog. If you are interested then keep checking in on the blog.

Thanks for reading & checking out the photos.

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