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Affordable Pro Video Editing

FINALLY! I have been trying for so long to find a decent video editor for windows that has all the options of a pro program like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere CC. By pro options the main thing is the ability to separate sound from the video. That is the #1 editing tool for ACTUAL video editing, makes so you can use B-rool (Small video clips) to cover a cut in the video but keep the audio going seamlessly.

Now Adobe is the obvious choice sine I use windows, however from day one I have been against Adobe's monthly fee nonsense. It is ridiculous that someone cant just buy the software.

The monthly fee is cheap, which is how they lure you in. But now all your project are tied up in a program that if you cancel the subscription you cant edit the files anymore, you would have to start from scratch.

Anyway so after hunting around online I found a site that sells the prior version of Adobe Premiere.

It is Adobe Premiere Pro CS6, essentially the same thing, Usually its best to wait a few versions in between buying adobe products, rarely is there much difference.

If you are interested in purchasing Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 then here is the link to the website

Honestly not sure why it is called "God will online" but hey if they are giving out cheap software, I am all for it.

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