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In Hard Times, Try to Find Peace

"Finding Center"

©Mason Lake Photography

I share this photo hoping it helps bring was color & peace in a very hectic time in out nations history. I my self find it very hard to not get worked up over a lot that is going on.

Even on these little Hawaiian islands 2000 miles from the continental US we are feeling the repercussions, which most islanders have never experience. The islands were always sheltered from the politics in Washington.

We are not however. Hawaii has had shootings, emergency funds taken away, citizen deported, many retired people have different sexual orientation & not to mention that half the state lives on well fair, which's budget is also being cut.

Many here on the islands want nothing more then to live chill & relaxed lives, I am one of them. After awhile though not being concerned with "Mainland Problems" stops being isolationist to burying your head in the sand. We all need to unite being these events & say enough is enough we need action to fix it. Not just hopes & prayers.

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