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Natural Light Sunset Shoot

Finished editing the photos from my shoot at old Airport Beach Park with my newest model, Wanalee.

I had planned to use my studio strobe, but like a dope I didnt bring spare batteries for the wireless transmitter. The transmitter sits on the camera and talks to the strobe, telling it when to fire. Sooooo that was not gonna happen any time soon so I improvised & just did a natural light shoot instead.

Suprisingly these photos are in chronological order, the sunset gave off an amazing after glow is the reason why the color changes half way through the pics.

Especially on the ocean the sunset after glow is very dramatic, the reflection of the water with the clouds covering the sunlight but allowing the color to reflect into the sky is amazing to see. I had ended the shoot cause it got dark but then boom! The color came back in full force so I had Wanalee quickly go back in the tide pool. The sky was super magenta at one point just like the 3rd pic shows, I did no color tweaks to that pic, the others I did a bit but not much.

I am trying to cut back on post processing as much as I can with my latest photo work. So far I am liking what I have been doing so far, a good start to commercial model work.

Check out the pics!

Thanks for viewing!

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